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Finding The Right Family Therapist in Miami, FL

Everyone experiences difficulties when it comes to families. You might be going through marital or financial problems or a conflict with your children or parents. Or you just might require help dealing with a specific challenge after experiencing a traumatic event like a difficult life transition, death, divorce, addiction issues, or a physical health diagnosis.

Even the smallest of instances can leave a huge impact on your mental health as well as the entire family dynamic.

Family therapy helps to resolve any issue that is interfering with family harmony.


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    What is Family Therapy?

    Family therapy is when a family member sits together in a group to work through certain challenges. This form of therapy focuses on and targets family dynamics and interactions. But finding a qualified therapist or counselor is essential to work to get high-quality mental health care that promises long-lasting solutions.

    This is where our licensed professionals come in.

    At Innovative Counseling, we have a team of highly experienced family therapists with extensive training in evidence-based practices. We help our clients develop robust emotional and cognitive coping skills that equip them to minimize the severity of their symptoms and reduce the impact of past trauma.

    When it comes to family therapy, it’s important to work on problems as a family unit to build resources that collectively help you overcome mental health issues.

    Our all-female therapists can help you and your family improve the way you communicate with each other and become a more cohesive family unit. 

    Systemic Family Therapy

    Systemic family therapy is an approach that is used to help out a family as a unit. Each family member’s actions are considered as how they impact the family.

    We will work with you to examine the different family processes and help you understand how they affect you and your family. We will also work with you to develop coping strategies that enable better family interactions.

    Structural Family Therapy

    Structural family therapy addresses behavioral and emotional concerns in children linked to dysfunctional family structures.

    With this approach, we work to help you understand boundaries and subsystems in your family and provide you with tools and techniques that help you interact productively.

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    Brief Strategic Family Therapy

    This approach is an excellent way to build better relationships. We will help you rebuild the structure of your family and eliminate interactions that can drive teens, young adults, and children toward problematic behavior.
    We will also help you work on strengthening your relationships and making positive changes in the family by adjusting the way the family communicates.

    Our qualified family therapists will develop highly personalized treatment plans and support you throughout your journey toward healing. Our therapists are well-equipped to understand and address any ongoing symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

    Ready to increase the connection between you and your family? Reach out to our mental health counselors at Innovative Counseling LLC today. We strive to make high-quality therapy accessible and affordable.

    Apart from family counseling services, our range of services includes relationship therapy, life coaching, individual therapy, hypnotherapy, and more.

    Let us help you handle your mental health concerns with the best possible care and evidence-based approaches from the comfort of your home. Contact us today to learn more about our services in Miami.

    Self-pay Session Rates

    $130.00 Individual Counseling
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    $130.00 Family Counseling
    • 50 - 60 min
    $130.00 Life Coaching
    • 50 - 60 min
    $150.00 Hypnosis Session
    • 60 min

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