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Facing the demands and challenges of life can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve recently experienced a traumatic event. Psychological trauma, whether from your childhood or adult life, is at the root of numerous emotional disturbances. Trauma survivors develop PTSD symptoms that they often even aren’t aware of.

Symptoms of trauma can include:


Trauma and PTSD can alter how your body normally reacts to stressful situations. You may experience intense emotional and physical pain in response to any memory or thought of the event.

This is why Innovative Counseling LLC provides leading-edge psychotherapy modalities best suited for trauma survivors and the holistic healing of their minds and bodies. We offer high-quality mental health care with EMDR therapy and help our clients overcome PTSD by helping them release painful memories intertwined with trauma.

It’s a fact that overwhelming life experiences can leave their mark on you for a long time. But that does not mean you cannot break free of these symptoms and heal the wounds.


What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is an interactive form of psychotherapy specifically designed to treat past trauma. EMDR therapy is very different from other therapeutic techniques. There is a strong association between stored memories of a traumatic event and eye movement. This is why bilateral stimulation can be used to reprocess suppressed and repressed memories and heal from them.

EMDR therapy is used to minimize symptoms of past trauma by changing the way an individual stores these memories. Our qualified EMDR therapists will guide you through a series of side-to-side eye movements to help you recall a triggering or traumatic experience until that memory does not cause you to react anymore. We will help you deal with the distress caused by any painful memory and effectively install positive thoughts in their place.

Our qualified and licensed mental health counselors have over a decade of experience when it comes to creating long-lasting positive changes in trauma survivors. We will work with you to help you find your way toward healing.

After developing an in-depth understanding of the impact of your past trauma in your mind, we will devise a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all the areas that require work.

We know that therapy cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we adapt to our client’s individual needs and goals. Our evidence-based and integrated therapeutic approaches will help you reconnect with your mind and regain your confidence.

After the initial assessment and evaluation, our psychotherapists will identify the targets that require EMDR processing.

We will then guide you to change any negative association you might have with memory and replace it with a positive belief instead. EMDR therapy is highly effective for changing negative thoughts and finding peace after recalling a traumatic thought.

Ready to start working towards a healthier and happier you? Get in touch with our licensed therapists and counselors in Miami at Innovative Counseling LLC.

We are one of the leading mental health teletherapy providers in Miami and can help you overcome various mental health issues with well-rounded and holistic treatment plans.

Apart from EMDR therapy, our range of mental health services includes relationship therapy, online life coaching, hypnotherapy, family coaching, therapy for depression and anxiety, and more. Contact us now to get started.

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