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What to Expect When Going to Therapy for the First Time

The decision to seek therapy from a professional psychotherapist or counselor is huge but life-changing. However, most people may find going to therapy for the first time a bit challenging and unfamiliar. In fact, your first time at therapy can be significantly overwhelming if you’re not used to the idea of being vulnerable, expressive, and self-aware.

There’s a lot that you might experience the first time at therapy. From awkwardness to the need to exit the situation, you may find it difficult to seek therapy for depression or anxiety without the right support. Whether you’re seeking teletherapy services or connecting with an online psychotherapy counselor, it’s always better to be prepared ahead of time.

Here are three things you should expect from your first session.

Questions by Your Therapist

Your first time at therapy is likely to be an introductory session where you finally meet your counselor and let them know about your concerns. This is the time to not only introduce yourself to your mental health counselor but also discuss why you decided to seek therapy in the first place.

This will lead to some follow-up questions by your therapist to further discuss what you’re expecting from therapy and what you’ll do to make the most out of it. You might find your therapist’s questions overwhelming at first. However, you should trust the process and know it’ll get easier with time.

An Opportunity to Dive Deep Into Your Concerns

Apart from introducing yourself, you’ll also get the opportunity to finally discuss your thoughts with someone who specializes in mental health counseling. In other words, your first time at therapy will be an excellent place to let your walls down, discuss your issues and feelings in detail, clear your doubts, and find long-term solutions to bring positive changes to your life.

You can always start by letting your counselor know about your triggers and boundaries so that the discussion can occur in a healthy environment without disruptions. Make sure you feel heard and acknowledged throughout your first time at therapy.

This will allow you to determine if the decision to seek therapy is a good idea for you and your mental well-being.

A Safe and Confidential Environment to Ensure Your Comfort

Lastly, one of the best things you’ll experience during your first time at therapy is a safe and confidential environment. It’s one place you wouldn’t have to worry about your confidentiality or trust being abused. Furthermore, it’ll allow you to express yourself freely instead of being interrupted.

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