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Trauma Dumping: What It Is And How To Overcome It

Trauma dumping is a direct result of neglecting your own need for mental health counseling. It happens when we try to conceal all our feelings and anxieties, so much so that we reach a point where it’s no longer possible to do so.

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At Innovative Counseling, we provide therapy for depression or anxiety, and our teletherapy services are designed to keep mental counseling online and accessible for everyone. By removing the need for physical attendance, we hope to take away a hurdle, no matter how small, for people seeking treatment for depression.

Trauma dumping is precisely what happens when we avoid getting help. It’s when we have random bouts of sharing our troubles with friends or partners after reaching a point where we have no other option. It can briefly make you feel better, but it’s not a solution.

Consider The Listener

Trauma dumping can cause the listener to feel emotionally burdened and overwhelmed. The listener may feel helpless and unsure of how to help you. In severe cases, it can trigger secondary trauma in the listener. Taking care of yourself is essential when dealing with trauma. Find healthy ways to cope with your emotions, such as exercise, meditation, or journaling. This can help you manage your emotions and prevent you from dumping your trauma onto others.

Set Boundaries For Healthier Relationships

Offloading on someone without considering will also take away from the relationship overall. It can damage the relationship between you and the listener. It can create a power imbalance in the relationship, where the listener feels like they are being used as an emotional dumping ground. This can be difficult to respond to and, over time, can erode the very foundation of a relationship.

Before you share your trauma with someone, ask them if they are willing to listen. Be respectful of their time and emotional capacity. If they are not willing to listen, respect their boundaries and find another outlet for support. In many cases, people will need relationship counseling simply to facilitate communication. By being conscientious of how you speak and what you say, you can keep friendships and relationships fair.

Practice Self Care And Get Help

While it’s important to talk about your trauma, it’s equally important to do it in a safe and controlled environment. Trauma dumping can prevent you from getting the support you need to heal. It can also prevent you from healthily processing your trauma. A trauma therapist or counselor can provide a safe and supportive environment for you to talk about your trauma. They can help you develop healthy coping strategies and process your trauma in a way that promotes healing

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At Innovative Counseling, we employ psychotherapists in Miami who are qualified and able to help you work out issues in a safe space without you having to go anywhere. Having treatment for anxiety or depression so easily available can make it less likely that one will allow themselves to get to a point of trauma dumping. Our online mental health counselors are experienced and capable, with a strong understanding of the need for discretion. While we know that it’s still not easy to step up and ask for help, we encourage everyone to take the reigns of their mental health and get in touch with us to start in-person or online psychological counseling.

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